Can Good Soup Teach you about Marriage?

Updated: Apr 9

In Pittsburgh, wedding soup is served in nearly every Italian restaurant and is a popular menu item at…well…weddings. 

The Italian name for this soup is minestra maritata and it refers to the marriage of meat and broth. 

Most wedding soups don’t appeal to me – watery broth with sparse meatballs, soggy spinach, and a few puny pieces of pastina.

Not a great metaphor for a strong marriage. 

A marriage that endures needs to be hardy and robust, fortified with bigger meatballs and huge chunks of chicken.

A marriage that endures needs stracciatella (grated Parmesan and egg whisked together and stirred into boiling soup). The English translation of this word means to “tear-up,” which, depending on what you want to ” tear-up,” could be good or bad. But the prefix “stra” in latin means “extra,” and every marriage needs a little extra somethin’-somethin’ to keep it going.

A marriage that endures needs a bit of color, some bright spots, and a little liveliness. That’s what sliced carrots do for this soup. They add color, sweetness, and some tenderness, too (also paramount for a good marriage).

Of course every healthy marriage starts with a solid foundation. You must come from good stock and so must your partner.

Wedding soup is no different.

This recipe for wedding soup is one that will endure and one to be envied,

much like the recipe for a good marriage.

Hearty Wedding Soup Recipe


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