When Life Gives You Lemons

Updated: Feb 25

Have you ever been lemoned?

It’s when you fall for something that appears to be far better than it is - when something looks great on the surface but hides a major defect.

Like a shiny red Ferrari that spits and sputters and can’t get you from A to B. Not to mention, if you roll down its tinted window, you’ll probably find an old, fat guy driving the thing.

There’s no lemon law against that.

We’ve all been lemoned at one time or another. Most of the time I think we do it willingly.

Lemons make us salivate and who doesn’t want the thing that makes your mouth water? But be careful. That ‘thing’ just might be more flawed than you are.

“Damn it. I knew that was a lemon, but still...”

It’s said that puckering when you eat a lemon is your mouth’s way of warning you that you might be tasting something dangerous.

The problem is - I like lemons.

I like the way they look and smell but I like it’s juice, too - the juice that makes you squint and pucker and grimace a little.

But lemons can be good.  For instance, they have many health benefits. They can aid in digestion and boost your immune system. Lemons lower your blood pressure and brighten your complexion.

Lemons can be used to clean things, too. They remove grease and bleach stains. They disinfect and leave a pleasant odor.

In cooking, lemons have amazing benefits. Their juice tenderizes meats, prevents apples and avocados from browning, and cuts the greasiness in heavy foods. Lemons break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

One of my favorite things about cooking with lemons is that they enhance the flavors of other foods. Add some lemon to fish, or soup, or something, and the ingredients wake up and come to attention.  

Lemons are like the truth serum of food. Once you squeeze a little lemon onto something, there’s no hiding or masking what it is. It’s true essence comes to the fore.

“Mmmm..a piece of Belgian chocolate.”

Squeeze a little lemon…

“Wait a minute. That’s a burnt-ass brussel sprout.”

That’s why I think we should be handed a lemon every now and again. Through all that sourness you just might uncover the truth.

Here are my lemon laws:

  1. Preserve the good things in life before they turn and go bad.

  2. Don’t be tough. Be tender.

  3. Break it down.

  4. Use your sharpness and cut away that heavy bullshit you got going on.

  5. Wake up. Be clear.

  6. Don't hide your sourness with all that sugar.

  7. Know that there’s not enough sugar.

  8. Discover what heals you and do more of that.

  9. Notice what enhances your life and makes you salivate more.

  10. Keep what’s pleasing. Disinfect the rest.

And for the people in your life who mask the truth and can’t see the error of their ways…

tell them to go suck a lemon.


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